We clean your home like we would clean our own. You might’ve heard horror stories of cross contamination- we use one rag per surface and cleaner, making sure your space gets truly clean. We sanitize our equipment every day and only use products you feel comfortable with. This sets us apart from the other guys- we’re professionals that hold ourselves to a high standard. We’re thorough and careful, but most importantly- we’re regular people who just happen to be expert cleaners and care about you and your home.


Everyday life can be crazy. We’re here to help with anything and everything, no matter how big or small. Even better- you decide what you want us to clean, and your pricing reflects that. You’ll get every space you want cleaned and organized.



We’ll clean what you like. Vacuuming, dusting, wipe down of all surfaces, light organization- we’ll even make your bed and change your sheets.


Everything from your sink to your tub is covered with our cleaning! We make sure to scrub and rinse every fixture, sweep and mop your floor, and empty the trash!


Sanitization of all your surfaces, including a scrubbing of countertops and sinks! We’ll even clean inside your microwave. If you’d like, we can add an appliance cleaning to your service as well. And as always, we’ll clean your floors and straighten up!

Office Areas, Living Rooms, Hallways, Stairs, Entries or any other space you can think of:

We’ll make sure all spaces in your home are cleaned exactly how you’d like, covering what you’d like with our thorough walk through each room before the first cleaning. We’re also always available via text or email, so feel free to check in! With each cleaning, we’ll dust and organize, and make sure your floor is squeaky clean.


Whether its windows, polishing that beautiful woodwork, or pulling out all the furniture- your home needs a little bit of special love after pollen season or the holidays. We’re here to help! Don’t get overwhelmed by making your home perfect for your mother-in-law, just call Peachy Clean and we’ll make your home spotless. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Vacation Rental

You might not be able to be there, so we’ll make sure it’s perfect for your guests! We’ll clean the space, take out the trash, and make sure your guests have everything they need to make their stay unforgettable. As experts in hospitality, we can completely set up your home for your guests- you don’t even have to be there!


Whether you’re moving in or moving out, Peachy Clean has your back! We do deep cleans in spaces of all size, from your college apartment to your sold house. If you’re moving out and don’t want added stress, contact us for a quote on cleaning your space! Then let us help you with moving in! Take the stress and questions out of the picture by insuring your home sanitized and move in ready for you and your family by allowing us to clean your new home.


Got a new construction or an office space you would like deep cleaning or a monthly clean? We can do everything from rough clean to a final clean on your construction site. If you need We’ve got you covered! We have a focus on health and appearance, and won’t stop till we make sure your space is cleaned! We’re licensed, insured, and carry workers compensation.

Deep Cleans

Sometimes stuff falls through the cracks- literally. Owner and expert cleaner Kristin will walk through your entire home with you, making sure each room gets that thorough, just moved in kind of clean. Our deep cleans are extensive and make sure that each room feels brand new once we’re done. These cleans typically take several hours, or even a whole day if thats what you’d like- we go all in with these cleans.