Our Team

Put a name to the face and get to know the ladies who will be taking care you and your home. We believe in making things personal. Get to know us- we can’t wait to get to know you!


Owners Kristin and Jan \\

These ladies are the dream team- they balance each other perfectly. Kristin is bubbly and the queen of customer care. Jan is the business expert- you’re probably emailing her and she’s probably calling you sweetheart. Plus, they know how to clean. Kristin can make your windows and showers sparkle like nobody’s business- armed with only a Scrub Daddy and a bit of Comet, she can make your shower look brand new. Jan is our taskmaster- she puts the right person in the right job and always picks up the slack. They’ve personally trained every team member you see, making sure they’re ready to clean your home to your standards.

Julia \

Crew leader and resident mom. She’s warm and kind but don’t worry- she keeps us on track.

Madi \

Expert cleaner and bathroom connoisseur. It may sound weird but she loves a challenge!

Bethany \

Expert cleaner and organizational queen. Bethany can declutter any space you can throw at her.

Linda Beth \

Expert cleaner and hospitality specialist. Want your mountain resort sparkling? She’s the one.

Sarah \

Expert cleaner and office aid. She does a little bit of it all- her famous last words will be “Oh I got that!”

Rachel \

Expert cleaner and DIY expert. Honestly- Rachel has a trick for everything. Don’t believe us? Hire her.